Jitterbugs Music Program

Ages: Perfect for 2 year olds

Length: 30 minutes

Timetable: Fridays during the school term, 10am

Pricing: $13.50 per week

Vacancy: Only 3 spots available!

The Jitterbugs program is perfect for the youngest of budding musicians, with a focus on having as much fun possible with music. Each lesson includes singing, dancing playing percussion, making craft, and musical movement to develop gross motor skills. Your little ones are guaranteed to have a fantastic introduction to music!

Learning outcomes


Singing helps develop memory and a sense of pitch


Using the hands for crafting helps entice the imagination and develop fine motor skills


Dancing helps develop responses to music and sound, and engages gross motor skills


Social skills are developed by singing and dancing in a group, and taking turns


Playing games that help to associate fun with music


Parental involvement develops bonding in a fun and creative environment


Themed lessons help enhance learning and engagement

Enrolment form

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Refer a Friend


Refer a friend and receive 25% off your fees for the first year of Jitterbugs.


Refer a friend and receive 25% off your fees for the first year of Beepbopper.


Refer a friend and receive 15% off your fees for one term.

Family Discount

3 students enrolled from one family studying ISM group classes the youngest child will receive 20% discount.