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Happy Students and Parents Alike.

We loved attending Beebopper music classes (and now Pianorama as my daughter is older) at ISM. I love the way their program is able to teach kids the foundations of music, including the basics of reading notes, whilst being super fun and engaging. My daughter also made friends there and always looked forward to going. Music is such a wonderful thing for kids to learn and I highly recommend ISM. I should also mention that both my older kids also did the Beebopper and Pianorama courses, and I/they had equally positive experiences..”

Jessica Kent

Miss Mara gave my daughter an great, well-rounded introduction to the piano and musicality in the ‘Pianorama’ group classes. Fun and engaging, she learnt great little ‘Finger Gym’ keyboard exercises in the bass and treble clef, singing and rhythm exercises with percussion..”

Karen Wong

We’ve been with ISM Leichhardt for 12 years now. Fantastic school with dedicated, passionate teachers.”

Laaylore Ewart

Wonderful program and excellent teachers. My son has been there for 4 years and absolutely enjoyed every lesson.”

Emily Chu

We love the supportive, fun environment thcat creates an ideal learning environment. A much more practical style of teaching than I ever remember as a kid. Conducive to a love of music!.”

Katie Hartford

Such a great, friendly environment for kids to learn from complete beginners to some really good pianists – from what we can hear in the other rooms.”

Lynda Mackie

We have been attending 4yrs at Leichhardt. ISM has provided my children with a great foundation of piano rhythm singing note reading and group work It’s such a dynamic way to learn music and extremely positive supportive environment.”

Theony Antoun